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Founded in 1997, the company originally focused on manufacturing and engineering hand-made parts for the automotive industry but since the turn of 2004 the company has developed using the latest cutting-edge technology, investing in the latest equipment and facilities to allow it to maintain the highest quality services expected from its key customers.

QFS provides a range of complex engineering services for the automotive industry with extensive experience of metal panel prototyping and low to medium volume production requiring a quick turnaround and is therefore the first-choice supplier for prototype and low to medium volume part production.


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Services QFS Technologies Provide



Our highly praised and valued reputation in the automotive industry has been built on long and distinguished experience in the highest quality metal finishing.


QFS’s machining and tool manufacturing centre offers a range of both 3 axis high speed steel cutters and 5 axis model mill machines.


QFS develop and manufacture prototypes from single panels to complete installations using customers’ data, CAD or manual drawings.


QFS has a range of laser cutting facilities, with capabilities to provide the very latest technology in 5 axis and flat bed laser cutting, including steel, aluminium and other materials.


QFS has developed it’s CAD department to meet the ever changing needs of it’s Clients. QFS installed V5 in 2003 and in March 2009 V5 Release 19. The latest Catia V5 Release 2014.


The Company closely monitors the quality of its processes and components and maintains monthly reports of inspection. QFS has invested in the latest technology GOM and Roma inspection facilities, which has created a significant competitive advantage.

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Chelmsley Wood Industrial Estate, Waterloo Ave, Birmingham, B37 6QQ
Tel: 0121 770 1200